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About the Kindness in Business Awards

About the Kindness in Business Awards

 The History 

Children's Grove and Missouri Business Alert met in late 2019 to discuss partnering to host an awards ceremony to honor local businesses and organizations. In March 2020, plans quickly shifted after the arrival of COVID-19 in Missouri; the two organizations knew that the inaugural year for these awards would be deeply rooted in the struggle that the 2020 pandemic brought to businesses large and small around the Boone County region.

As time went on, one thing was clear: Mid-Missouri's local businesses are resilient. They never give up; moreover, they extend immeasurable kindness to others to ensure the well-being of all Boone County. Such resilience and kindness, not to mention sacrifice, needed a permanent symbol.

Children's Grove and Missouri Business Alert, along with the help from City of Columbia Parks and Recreation, proposed and erected a butterfly bench in Flatbranch Park dedicated to the businesses of Columbia that lifted this community with countless acts of kindness. Children's Grove also planted kindness trees at the three hospitals in Columbia to honor essential workers.

And, in fall 2020, the two organizations presented the inaugural Kindness in Business Awards. With huge community support and an eagerness to honor more businesses, plans for subsequent Kindness in Business Awards began to take shape.

 Why the butterfly? 

Butterflies remind us of the power we each have to effect change. Every act of kindness touches lives and transforms our community and world for the good.

 The 2024 Kindness in Business Awards 


The fifth annual Kindness in Business Awards will celebrate Boone County businesses and nonprofits (including social service agencies) that have shown and promoted kindness in dealings with customers, employees, youth, and the community at large. Children's Grove and Missouri Business Alert want to honor those whose extraordinary kindness merits individual recognition.

We are asking the community to nominate local businesses or organizations whom you believe may be a deserving candidate for one of the following awards:

Kindness to Employees Award

i.e. an employer who continued to pay furloughed workers; an employer who provided flexible work schedules to work-from-home parents

Kindness to Youth Award

i.e. an organization who provided free lunches for youth and students; a counselor working to improve mental health among children and teens

Kindness to the Community Award

i.e. a business who provided customers with safe shopping experiences; a business who provided care kits to healthcare workers

Still have questions? Visit our FAQ page or email organizer Lorah Lackland.

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